Los Angeles, CA

my headshotGood Lord, this headshot is old! I’ll change it…when my hair grows out a little.

Still a mother of three grown daughters…and a writer, but reinventing myself all the time. Life started out a little rocky, continued to rumble, but now I’m banking on a sweet ride. (Don’t burst my bubble!)

I’m always hearing that in order to figure out what brings you joy, think back to what you liked to do as a child. Well, I suppose I liked to make up stories, but then my high school English teacher took a red marker and made my papers resemble a bloody crime scene. Because I believe the woman is officially dead and can no longer attack my work with a vengeance, I’ve picked up my pen again.

My dream? To continue writing until all the notations on little scraps of paper I discover in my pockets and purse find a place on the page.

Please follow my site if the mood strikes you. It truly makes me happy to see someone come back and read more. Comments are also greatly appreciated.

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  1. Congrats on the new blog and new look. I love the blog name and photo! 😉

  2. Thank you so much, Monica!

  3. Hi Annie,

    Woe is me. I came to say CONGRATULATIONS for the Pixelhouse Award! I received an RSS Feed post from 2/8 that was a thanks for support. Much to my horror, I just saw it but strangely enough the link isn’t working now. So, here I am dropping you a personal note to say “You Rock!” Maybe you won’t have to “fake it until you make it” much longer :).



  4. Coco,
    Thanks so much! What a treat this is to receive such a nice note!

  5. Oh my gosh I completely forgot that the world is ending this year. I have a feeling you’ll make it before then so no worries 😉

  6. P.S. Annie I’m totally adding you to my section of awesomeness (go to my site and look at the footer :D)

  7. Thank you so much, Nate! Very nice of you!

  8. I can relate to how you felt with your English teacher as I had the same experience more then once with my own high school teacher. I’m so glad those days are gone. 🙂

    Your blog looks and reads really clean and friendly and so much fun to read!

  9. Love the layout of your blog Annie! Great writing, and entertaining stories as well.

  10. Hi Annie, just came across you blog via BlogCatlalog and you’re very funny. Best of luck to you! I’ll be back. (not to be construed in a threatening way…)

  11. Greetings my friend:

    Love the “spark” in your blog as I love the “spark” in your soul!! You always make me smile and I am so happy that you are putting your fine talent to work again!! Good job!!
    Hows about the phone #??? Message me on FB or email: bannespencer@comcast.net

    Loving you and sending you strength everyday,

    beth anne ♥

  12. Good evening Ann, you are the very backbone of everything new in your journey. You have unbelievable strength, no doubt a swell sense of humor…..while you are keeping yourself focused on the bright side of things, you are blast of a dam good informant!! You really have this routine down. Right now you are enriching other peoples lives in ways they most likely never dreamed of. YOU are in our prayers in between the seconds of everyday!! xoxo beth, robyn, claire, and margaret, and ellen, and robert xoxo check in soon!! ♥

  13. Hie Anne…

    I’m Esabella, from India. I just came across your blog and I loved it. To be very honest, I am inspired with the way you have that spirit of living your life. This spirit is above everything!! I wish you all the patience and blessing until your next 3 chemos. I’m sure you will have a fantastic and wonderful new year! 🙂 🙂

    Well, I was thinking of writing about you and your blog in my next post, as you could be the source of inspiration to many of the readers. Do you mind if I do so???? You can drop me a mail on my ID.

    Till then take care and be happy! (I subscribed to your posts. so, write soon) 🙂 🙂

  14. My name is Bonnie Nicholson Young and grew up hearing a lot about your Grandma Tillie Boreson. My father’s name was Elmer Julius Nicholson and he referred to Tillie as his aunt. I have been searching for ancestry information as to who Tille’s parents were and how exactly my father and Tillie were related. I met your dad as a child when he came to visit us in Escanaba, and my parents visited your Grandparents in Seattle, spending time with Stan and Barb as well. I did try to contact Stan via a letter with no response. I read your article about your grandmothers Thanksgiving holiday feuds and really enjoyed that. I would appreciate hearing from you with any information you might have regarding my ancestry search. Thank you.

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