The Root of the Problem


More and more I feel that we are off track.

I can hear the subtle shift that is taking us further away from the source.

I listen to the music…only someone is playing the wrong chords. I want to turn it off, but I don’t know how.

Where is the connection? Why have we turned a blind eye to so much suffering?

Have we forgotten that when the earth is in pain, we collectively grieve?

If we are no longer ‘grounded’, we are denying the divine pull to reconnect with what is important.

We have a president who thinks we’ve done enough for the rest of the world.

Time to get selfish, he says!

No, when we lose our bond to each other, what is the point to our existence?

Can we truly just sit back and watch Syrian children gassed and kids starve in the Sudan?

Is it really our turn to be selfish?

We dilute ourselves with political upheaval and social media feeds in search of the new god of narcissism.

Does this feel right?

Trump unveils environmental laws as if he’s rolling out a revised world map…one which promises sunken fracking holes, pesticides, drone strikes and melting ice caps.

The earth has somehow held up, in spite of being a slave to a mad master.

We treat her as an abused lover, “our better half”, while she silently seethes.

I want to hold on and stay centered. Ride out these crazy times, and keep priorities in order.

I want to be grateful and respect my revolving home.

I walk into the garden and ask forgiveness.

Today, honor the earth. Make beautiful connections. Be human.

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  1. Love this! I feel, as my mother would say “at.6’s and 7’s”. Can’t shake it. Come back for a visit, miss you.

  2. Thank you, Katharine. I’m feeling at 6’s and 7’s too! Can’t quite get that number to lift for the life of me. We will definitely come visit soon. Would love to catch up and meet those new pups.

  3. I feel you. I keep trying to write about it but find it all so degrading, I have to walk away. How can any of them think this is okay? Where is the kindness, the intellect, the empathy? Our world deserve better than these people.

    • I agree, Lynne. It’s very disheartening, but we have to find peace in ourselves and the process. Things will change…they always do. In the meantime, I will write, read, love my family and friends, and take care of my lemon trees. It is the only thing I can control. I don’t mean to sound fatalistic, but this is one wild ride.

  4. Ann, your writing is so profoundly on target. What makes me feel so sad, as I read
    this, is not all the tomorrows of this president’s dystopian nightmare, though that makes me feel sad and frightened. What saddens me is that after all you have gone through, I want you to be living in a beautiful, joyful world full of grace and kindness, with a leader who rallies all of us to do the right thing. God bless, my friend, God bless! I will talk to you soon…..Bev Goddard

  5. Bev, I so appreciate your message. I am calling you tomorrow, birthday girl! We need a Cactus lunch, a few margaritas, and reprieve from all of this. xoxo

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Thank you, Cheryl. I appreciate your comment.

  8. Oh my lovely Annie, this was such a thoughtful, beautifully written piece. You have hit the nail on the head. I grieve for my lost ignorance. Until this president i was ignorant to the fact that so many of my friends and family held such secret hateful, prejudices. I thought that surely underneath we all loved our planet and its inhabitants. I thought that surely by this point in our history we understood all peoples were created equal and that we should be shifting our focus to healing this much abused home of ours.

    Last night’s air strikes against Syria only deepen my fear. Will people rally behind this bigot, this abuser of women, this self-absorbed bully? Will this act, wipe clean his past as people “give him a chance”? I find myself thinking more and more about Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale and fearing for the worse.

    Like you, I can’t live in the fear. I choose to be as kind as I can to every human I encounter. Recycle, reuse and tend my little part of this planet. I can be a steward for goodness and reason. I can resist the fear.

  9. Bev,
    I truly appreciate your wise words. You are the one who nailed it.

    You know how people sometimes play the game “if you could have lunch with anyone who would you pick?” Hands down, you’d be it. I hope one day we can skip this virtual reality and sit down to a meal…and maybe a few cocktails as we take on the ills of the world. I think we’d have a hell of a time. xoxo

    • my dear annie, i would travel to the ends of the earth to have a meal with you. i know we would become best friends and you would send me on my way with a basket of lemons. we must work to try and make this happen – after all what is 3800 miles between friends!! 🙂

      i have a blog post up that i don’t think you have read…… if you would like to give it a go. i try my hand at poetry!

      know that i think of you often and would love to solve world problems or in fact all problems know to womankind!! xxxxx

  10. I agree with every Word.

    Great writing

  11. Thank you, Robert. Always good to hear from you!

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